Shammy Adventures invites you to do traditional and outdoor activities as we do naturally. Your stay is based on the authenticity of the experiences you will live.

The activities are done according to the meteorological conditions, the duration of your stay and the personal interest of each one of you.

• Interpretive activities of traditional Cree culture (introduction to fishing, medicinal plants, identification of fauna and flora, furs, crafts)

• Participatory craft workshop

• Preparation and tasting of traditional dishes

• ATV and motorboat ride on the Opinaca River

• Canoe ride on the lake Akukameskasich (Shammy base camp) 9

• Tales & legends around the campfire in the teepee

• Hiking on the Opinaca river trail (9 km round trip) or on the mountain in front of Shammy base camp (4 km round trip)

• 7 days canoe expedition on lakes and rivers with portages with traditional nomadic accommodation